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A low-budget Titanic remake with cats! With: Jack Pawson as Leonardo DiCatrio Rose Dewitt Bukitty as Kate Whiskers

Climbing kitty at bouldering gym

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Video collection of cool and funny cats. Funny video about cats will raise your spirits, because our pets sometimes can be so unpredictable and fun. Cats - it's always a joy, especially when they find themselves in st...

Kitty Gets Sneakily Close

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Every time the owner of this adorable kitten hid behind the couch, they spotted their pet slowly inching closer to them until they were finally face to face.

Let me clean you up…what….HEY

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Cats VS cucumber

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Funny cats VS cucumbers - video of scared cats with cucumbers. Why cats are afraid of cucumbers? It is not quite so, cats are not afraid of cucumbers. Usually we see people put a cucumber at the time when they eat or ...

I Need Dis Bowl of Milk – Cats don’t like to share

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A pair of cats are locked in an epic battle over a bowl of milk.

Kitten learning about cups

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Luci decided to try some leftover yogurt today. Didn't pan out so well.

Murkin goes to WAR with the kittens

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My dog Murkin does battle with our foster kittens, LOL! Its super cute to see them play together. These kittens are being fostered for our local animal shelter; once they are old enough, they will be spayed/neutered a...

Smartest Cat Ever

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Shell game gambling and winning Cat

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This is our cat Frida Kahlo from Berlin. She's a gambler and she's good at the shell game. 2 of 3.

Herman The Scaredy Cat Can’t Believe His Eyes

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THIS kitten looks like the ultimate scaredy cat as he gives new meaning to the term ‘wide eyed’.  Herman, an exotic shorthair, was born with exceptionally big eyes - giving him a permanently startled expression. The f...

Cats desperately trying to get into the food cupboard

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Kitties think if they dig hard enough they can get to the food!

Cat vs Ham Fail

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