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RETRO BONKY – Scottish Fold’s First Steps!

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Old footage of Bonky as an 8 week old kitten! THIS TIME WITH SOUND!!! This video was taken right

Kitten Massage Therapy

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Music:Represent Bear Fox 1491s

Abyssinian cat demanding kisses

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Murkin goes to WAR with the kittens

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My dog Murkin does battle with our foster kittens, LOL! Its super cute to see them play together. These kittens are being fostered for our local animal shelter; once they are old enough, they will be spayed/neutered a...

Kitten Chorus

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we want food, we want out. NOW

Hilarious kitten stuck in sweater sleeve

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Meow! Check out my channel for more cute videos of moi: a video of

Funny Cats Panda and Rocky playing Patty Cake

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Cute and annoying kitten

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So fluffy and so noisy!This is a video of one of my cats (Spike) when he was only three

A cat going for a walk on a child’s back

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Animals voiced by kids

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A super cute water advert.

i are cute kitten

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i am talking cat. kind of you to depress orange button for subscribing. sending my moving picture to your family

I are Even Cuter Kitten! (HD Scottish Fold!)

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Check out Bonk's youtube channel This is my SCOTTISH FOLD kitten.

Romantic Cat goes on a date

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Kitty Gets Sneakily Close

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Every time the owner of this adorable kitten hid behind the couch, they spotted their pet slowly inching closer to them until they were finally face to face.

2 kittens, 1 cat, lots of meowing pt 2

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one kitten (6 weeks) has a strong perpetual meow, the other (same 6 weeks) has a faint raspy meow, and

kitten falling asleep…?

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sleepy... sleepy...too cute.

A kitten hunting on the couch

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bengal cat talking to her kitten – ORIGINAL

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Check our our NEW TALKING cat video!!! Link: Check out our NEW TALKING CAT VIDEO!!! LINK:

My cat is very happy when I come home!

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Throw Rug Thief

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Chihuahua puppy steals a throw rug out from under a cat.

Scottish Fold munchkin

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My new 6 week old Scottish Fold munchkin kitten, that we actually named Munchkin, but we usually call her Munchie.

Kitten Dance…?

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Copper who is a Cream Tabby Persian seemed to do the kitten dance or maybe it was the Kitten Strut.

Hedge Kittens

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A low-budget Titanic remake with cats! With: Jack Pawson as Leonardo DiCatrio Rose Dewitt Bukitty as Kate Whiskers

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