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Kitty Gets Sneakily Close

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Every time the owner of this adorable kitten hid behind the couch, they spotted their pet slowly inching closer to them until they were finally face to face.

Enix Swimming

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Kitten trying to play with Big Cat

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Our 6 week old kittens are playing alot, and Sammy thought he would try to attack Bubba, but he had

Hungry Kittens

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Getting lunch ready for our six week old kittens can be quite the noisy event.

Cutest birthday present EVER

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6 year old Brooklyn got the best surprise for her birthday. After loosing two beloved senior cats, Brooklyn begged for a kitten for her birthday. Her parents told her no. However, her mom works in a veterinary hospita...

Kitten crying because she is so tired

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This is my new Chocolate Point Siamese kitten on her first day home. She was so tired but she was

Cute Kitten Growling

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Thanks to: tommyandgracie

Santa’s Elves – Dogs and Cats with Human Hands Making Toys

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Adorable dogs and cats dressed as Santa’s elves with human hands making toys: just another thing to love about the holidays.

Cutest Kitten IN THE WORLD!!

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I have a new addition to the family.Who says I can't make cutesy videos? lolLets see

Awsome Cat

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Reminds me of the cat in Shrek

Abyssinian cat demanding kisses

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Cat Stuck in a Box

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Sometimes a bored cat just needs a slippery floor and a running start to have fun. We all know how

Cat Demands More Petting!

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Great atmosphere at Kitty’s birthday!

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Five cats celebrating a birthday. It misses perhaps a little hapiness...

Grumpy Cat and Pokey on Christmas

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Cat vs Dog ~ Funny cat and dog wrestling. Click link to subscribe at

My cat is very happy when I come home!

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A kitten sees its tail for the first time

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playing with baby kitten

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playing with baby kitten

Bengal Cat wants to Walk on Water

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Our Bengal Cat is puzzled curious confused by the pool cover plus the navigator running beneath that he wants to

Romantic Cat goes on a date

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Kitten vs. Watermelon

143 Views0 Comments 4 month old kitten named Flanigan attacks a watermelon.

Kitten meets hedgehog

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New Year’s Resolutions of my Funny Cats and Cute Kittens

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New Year's Resolutions of my Funny Cats and Cute Kittens

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