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RagaMuffin Kittens Diamonds are Forever

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This is our Diamonds are Forever litter of RagaMuffin kittens at Kaerik Rags. For more information, please visit us

Cute Kitten Growling

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Thanks to: tommyandgracie

Cat sitting in a chair

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Three Kittens in a Row

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Our baby prairie dog, playing with our cat

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A baby and a cat watching TV

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Cute Baby Kitten meows

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A cat wants to play with the kittens

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A kitten attacks a ceramic cat

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My cat is very happy when I come home!

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Baby Kittens and a Baby Shoe – Kitten Love

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One more baby in the title, and it'd be a Justin Bieber song! Subscribe to The Pet Collective: <a

Cat trying to catch the bass

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Cats Playing Water Soccer

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Thanks to: tommyandgracie

A cat going for a walk on a child’s back

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Romantic Cat goes on a date

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Animals voiced by kids

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A super cute water advert.

Active Cat and Cool Cat

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Abyssinian cat demanding kisses

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Throw Rug Thief

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Chihuahua puppy steals a throw rug out from under a cat.

bengal cat talking to her kitten – ORIGINAL

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Check our our NEW TALKING cat video!!! Link: Check out our NEW TALKING CAT VIDEO!!! LINK:

Kittens sing “River flows in you”

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Great atmosphere at Kitty’s birthday!

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Five cats celebrating a birthday. It misses perhaps a little hapiness...

Baby Loves Cat

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She's incapable of controlling her limbs when her kitty is around. The obsession grows every day. Ps. That's a sleep sack she's in. Not a starfish outfit. Although I wish I were cool enough to dress my daughter in ...

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