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The sound of disappointment in my cat’s meow after she realizes it’s not tuna

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"There's no way that's what you're eating. Stop hiding the food from me!" My spoiled cat every time I make food... especially greens

Firefighter Cat

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When granny is not there, cats dance!

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Jasper the Contortionist Cat

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Jasper the contortionist cat! Stuck in between two doors, he found an interesting way out!

Cat answers phone

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So my mother in law thought I was hanging up on her every time she rang turns out my wee cat jax had been answering and hanging up. When I finally realised what he had been doing we managed to capture it on camera.

Potato’s straw obsession

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Netto Cats

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Cat vs pencil case!

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A monkey gives a massage to a cat!

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Cute cat gets pampered by a monkey.

Dog VS Cat

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Cat vs Ham Fail

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Shell game gambling and winning Cat

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This is our cat Frida Kahlo from Berlin. She's a gambler and she's good at the shell game. 2 of 3.

Smartest Cat Ever

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Kitten learning about cups

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Luci decided to try some leftover yogurt today. Didn't pan out so well.

I Need Dis Bowl of Milk – Cats don’t like to share

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A pair of cats are locked in an epic battle over a bowl of milk.

Cats VS cucumber

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Funny cats VS cucumbers - video of scared cats with cucumbers. Why cats are afraid of cucumbers? It is not quite so, cats are not afraid of cucumbers. Usually we see people put a cucumber at the time when they eat or ...

Let me clean you up…what….HEY

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Climbing kitty at bouldering gym

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A low-budget Titanic remake with cats! With: Jack Pawson as Leonardo DiCatrio Rose Dewitt Bukitty as Kate Whiskers

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