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I Need Dis Bowl of Milk – Cats don’t like to share

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A pair of cats are locked in an epic battle over a bowl of milk.

Simon’s Real Cats

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Meet Simon Tofield's real-life cats!Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! Simon TofieldDirected

Cat Massage So Cute And Funny

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?????-Defending Maru.-

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????????????????????This is a toy which Maru loves too much. ?

????????????-Drawer and Mouse and Maru.-

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Maru never gives up.

Funny Cat Walk

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Cat has a crazy deep meow

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Kitties Don’t Like Change

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Sometimes big changes are necessary but kitties don't always agree.

Cat Man Do – Simon’s Cat

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"A hungry cat resorts to increasingly desperate measures to wake its sleeping owner."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

??????????-Silver vine and Hana.-

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?????????Hana fights against it.

Sticky Tape – Simon’s Cat

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"A curious cat gets into a sticky predicament."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

Dexter and Gizmo escaping the kitchen (skip to 1:40)

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Couldn't figure out how the animals were letting themselves into the house while at work. Had to find out. (skip

?????-Sunny spot and Maru.-

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????????After brushing.

Oh! It’s just me!

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What my cats do when I’m gone

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I always had a hunch that Skipper and Otto were up to smart things when I wasn't home. So I

Time To Play Ball

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Cat: Who brought it into my house?

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Mean Kitty – Something’s In My Bed!!!

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Sparta and Loki hear something in their bed and decide to investigate. I couldn't help but pull this trick

???????-Box and Maru 13.-

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??????????????????Maru believes that when he digs the narrow box, it becomes wide.

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