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Simon’s Cat in Gromit Unleashed

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Simon's Cat creator Simon Tofield was honored to be invited to decorate a giant statue of Aardman's Gromit for their

Screen Grab – Simon’s Cat

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"Stop, play, paws and rewind."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! Kitten Chaos US Edition

Santa Claws – Simon’s Cat

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"A curious cat discovers Christmas."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! official Simon's

?????-Sunny spot and Maru.-

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????????After brushing.

Keyboard Cat – 96 Tears

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??????????-Many Maru 11.-

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????????Maru plays and puts on and sleeps.

?????????-Many Maru 9.-

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????????Various short Maru's videos.

Nyan Cat [original]

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Nyan Cat is the name of a YouTube video, uploaded in April 2011, which became an Internet meme. The video merged a Japanese pop song with an animated cartoon cat with the body of a Pop-Tart, flying through space, and ...

Grump of Thrones: The Making of a Meme

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Behind the scenes on the making of the epic #GRUMPOFTHRONES meme today at HBO's Game of Thrones: The Exhibition at

Ready, Steady, Slow! – Simon’s Cat

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"A hungry hindrance crosses the line."This film was created to celebrate the giant sporting event that has come

Hop It – Simon’s Cat

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"A playful cat meets his match."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! official

?????????-Many Maru 8.-

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????????Various Maru's video.

??????? -Ladder and Maru.-

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????????Maru climbs the ladder. Hana cannot yet climb the ladder.

Three Kittens in a Row

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Grumpy Cat Outside Playing

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Grumpy Cat was chewing on the drip irrigation line.New Tshirts at:

??????????-Many Maru 12.-

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Various Maru. After a dove flew away, he hardened with that pose for a long time.

TV Dinner – Simon’s Cat

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"A hungry cat resorts to increasingly desperate measures to gain its owner's attention."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

The Mean Kitty Song

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The Mean Kitty Song by Cory "Mr. Safety" Williams?? NOW available on iTunes: Listen

??????-Maru gets into the cupboard.-

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???????????......?Hana goes for Maru. But......

Cat videobombing

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Original title: Arrogant Cat

Flower Bed – Simon’s Cat

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"Fun in the garden."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! our list of cat friendly

???????-Playing Maru 17.-

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?????????????????Maru often looks the other way like a feint before rush..

???????-Trim claws and Maru.-

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?????????Maru has claws and I trim his claws sometimes.

Mom Cat talking to her Kittens. 20 min BONUS video

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