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Cute Cat plays on iPad

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Screen Grab – Simon’s Cat

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"Stop, play, paws and rewind."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! Kitten Chaos US Edition

?????????-Battle play of Maru and Hana.-

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???????????Maru and Hana are playing.

Grumpy Cat and Pokey Predict The Super Bowl!

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???????-Maru washes his head.-

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????????????Relaxation time before sleeping at night.

?????????? -Maru plays under the sofa.-

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??????????Maru likes to play under the sofa.

???????-A box and Maru 11.-

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????????The box play is very enjoyable.

?????-Sunny spot and Maru.-

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????????After brushing.

Playing with the Grumpy Cat – Tardar Sauce

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Grumpy Cat getting some attention.Visit http://www.grumpycats.comNew Tshirts at:

??????-Meow Meow Maru 6.-

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???????????Maru found an insect outside the window.

Lunch Break – Simon’s Cat

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"A naughty cat causes mealtime mayhem."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! official

????????-Transparent box and Maru.-

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????????Maru loves all boxes. Even if it is transparent.

Playing Maru 16

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????????????Maru loves this play.

Herman The Scaredy Cat Can’t Believe His Eyes

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THIS kitten looks like the ultimate scaredy cat as he gives new meaning to the term ‘wide eyed’.  Herman, an exotic shorthair, was born with exceptionally big eyes - giving him a permanently startled expression. The f...


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???????????????Various Maru and Hana's short videos.When Hana was still a kitten.

Simon Draws: The Kitten

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In this video Simon Tofield demonstrates how to draw the kitten from the third Simon's Cat book - Simon's Cat

Pregnant Cat Rescued!

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A stray pregnant cat was rescued in the nick of time, just one day before she had five tiny kittens! At the pound, the kittens would have susceptible to infectious diseases, which likely would have done them in, so we...

Smitten – Simon’s Cat (A Valentine’s Special)

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"A love struck cat tries to impress his Valentine."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

????????????? -Brushing and Maru 5.-

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????????????????????The next is Hana's turn. However, she likes play than brushing because she is still a kitten.

Mirror Mirror – Simon’s Cat

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"A cautious cat is challenged by a familiar adversary."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!<br

Thank You 2 Million Subscribers!

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Today Simon's Cat reached 2 million subscribers on YouTube! This is amazing considering it is less than a year since

Scaredy Cat – Simon’s Cat

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A frightening feline turns his owner into a scaredy cat!' Don't forget to share this with your friends if you think Simon's Cat is just like your own cat!

Grumpy Cat as a Kitten (Slideshow)

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Here is Grumpy Cat as a kitten! Visit: for more!New Tshirts at:

Simon’s Cat in Gromit Unleashed

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Simon's Cat creator Simon Tofield was honored to be invited to decorate a giant statue of Aardman's Gromit for their

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