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???????????????This is the commemorative video of Hana's 1st birthday.

Crazy Time – Simon’s Cat

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"A frenzied feline has a moment of madness!"Want to see more of our films? Check out our play


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???????????Various videos of Maru&Hana.

???????-Box and Maru&Hana.-

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?????????????????????????Maru gets into the box and watches. However, he cannot move.

Playing Maru 16

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????????????Maru loves this play.


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As a giant clock counted down, thousands gathered to see Grumpy Cat make a special appearance at The Friskies House

Simon Draws: Rabbits

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In this video Simon Tofield demonstrates how to draw Rabbits!Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!<br

Grump of Thrones: The Making of a Meme

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Behind the scenes on the making of the epic #GRUMPOFTHRONES meme today at HBO's Game of Thrones: The Exhibition at

????????????-Macaron bed and Maru&Hana.-

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?????????Maru&Hana play with the bed and sleep.

????????????? -Brushing and Maru 5.-

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????????????????????The next is Hana's turn. However, she likes play than brushing because she is still a kitten.

???????-Box and Maru and Hana.-

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??????????Maru gets into the box. And Hana wants to play with Maru.

Smitten – Simon’s Cat (A Valentine’s Special)

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"A love struck cat tries to impress his Valentine."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

Grumpy Cat and Pokey Predict The Super Bowl!

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?????????-Battle play of Maru and Hana.-

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???????????Maru and Hana are playing.

Simon Draws: Tabby Cats

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In this video Simon Tofield demonstrates how to draw Tabby Cats!Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

??????-Maru gets into the cupboard.-

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???????????......?Hana goes for Maru. But......

Where is Maru?

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????????Where is Maru?

???????????-Many boxes and Maru4.-

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?????????????Various boxes and Maru, and sometimes with Hana.

Christmas Presence (Part 2) – Simon’s Cat

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"A crafty cat plans a Christmassy trick!"Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! Simon's Cat


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???????????????Various Maru and Hana's short videos.When Hana was still a kitten.

Christmas Presence (Part 1) – Simon’s Cat

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"A festive feline goes looking for a Christmas treat."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!


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???????????Various Maru and Hana's short videos.

??????????-Silver vine and Hana.-

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?????????Hana fights against it.

??????????-Silver vine tree and Maru.-

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???????????????????Maru is intoxicated with it.

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