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???????-A box and Maru 11.-

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????????The box play is very enjoyable.


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???????????????Various Maru and Hana's short videos.When Hana was still a kitten.

Shell game gambling and winning Cat

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This is our cat Frida Kahlo from Berlin. She's a gambler and she's good at the shell game. 2 of 3.

?????-Snow and Maru.

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????????????????????Maru is inexperienced in walking on the accumulated snow.

Where is Maru?

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????????Where is Maru?

????????-Long box and Maru.-

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????????????Maru can almost enter the slim and long box.

????????????-Drawer and Mouse and Maru.-

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Maru never gives up.

??????????-Silver vine and Hana.-

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?????????Hana fights against it.

Santa Claws – Simon’s Cat

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"A curious cat discovers Christmas."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! official Simon's

Crazy Time – Simon’s Cat

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"A frenzied feline has a moment of madness!"Want to see more of our films? Check out our play

Cool Maru.

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??????????Cool Maru like Olympics star!BGM: Purple Planet

???????-Autumn sky and Maru.-

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?????????Maru plays in the garden.

????????-Maru and Hana in the night.-

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?????????????Maru and Hana watch an insect of the other side of the screen door.

Lunch Break – Simon’s Cat

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"A naughty cat causes mealtime mayhem."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! official

Grumpy Cat Outside Playing

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Grumpy Cat was chewing on the drip irrigation line.New Tshirts at:

Grumpy Cat: Slow Motion

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Grumpy Cat - The internet's grumpiest cat!Grumpy Cat Book: Cat 2014 Calendar: <a href=""

Grumpy Cat getting some special treats after being on the TODAY show!

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Quite a few people have emailed asking for a clip of Grumpy Cat eating... so here it is!Visit us:

Hop It – Simon’s Cat

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"A playful cat meets his match."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! official

Grumpy Cat “I’ll be in my box!”

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Visit us at: www.grumpycats.comNew Tshirts at:

Sleepy Grumpy Cat

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Grumpy Cat waking up! Visit us at www.grumpycats.comNew Tshirts at:

Fly Guy – Simon’s Cat

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"A hungry cat resorts to increasingly desperate measures to catch a housefly."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

???????-Box and Maru 13.-

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??????????????????Maru believes that when he digs the narrow box, it becomes wide.

??????-Meow Meow Maru 6.-

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???????????Maru found an insect outside the window.

Snow Business – Simon’s Cat

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"A curious cat discovers snow for the first time."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

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