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As a giant clock counted down, thousands gathered to see Grumpy Cat make a special appearance at The Friskies House

Tongue Tied – Simon’s Cat

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"An inquisitive cat explores the garden."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! official

??????????-Maru plays on the sofa 3.-

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????????????Maru likes to play on the sofa.

Smitten – Simon’s Cat (A Valentine’s Special)

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"A love struck cat tries to impress his Valentine."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

Bistro: The Smartest Cat Feeder. Ever.

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Playing with the Grumpy Cat – Tardar Sauce

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Grumpy Cat getting some attention.Visit http://www.grumpycats.comNew Tshirts at:

????????????-Skillful forefoot of Maru.-

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???????????????A forefoot of a cat is skillful surprisingly.?It is already hands.

Cat Man Do – Simon’s Cat

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"A hungry cat resorts to increasingly desperate measures to wake its sleeping owner."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

Simon Draws: The Dog

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In this video Simon Tofield demonstrates how to draw the dog.The first time Simon's Sister's dog appeared in

???????????-Many boxes and Maru4.-

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?????????????Various boxes and Maru, and sometimes with Hana.

Shake Cats

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Cats! We’ve been worshipping them for thousands of years, so is our current world wide obsession with any any surprise? Bask in their Derp-tastic expressions while they roar (actually just a meow) Shake (from an ear c...

Simon Draws: The Kitten

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In this video Simon Tofield demonstrates how to draw the kitten from the third Simon's Cat book - Simon's Cat

?????????-Desperate Maru 5.-

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????????????Maru plays desperately.

?????????? Hana turns and Maru watches

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Hana can play own tail, but Maru cannot.Because his tail is slightly short.

???????-Box and Maru&Hana.-

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?????????????????????????Maru gets into the box and watches. However, he cannot move.

Grumpy Cat and Pokey on Christmas

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Shelf Life – Simon’s Cat

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"A carefree cat has a smashing time."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

Beyond the Fence – Simon’s Cat UK TV Advert

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This TV advert was created to coincide with the launch of Simon's Cat: Beyond the Fence. The second Simon's Cat

??????-I am Maru 4.-

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?BGM: ???????MusMus???? a special plan of Maru's birthday, I made "I am Maru

Simon Draws: Tabby Cats

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In this video Simon Tofield demonstrates how to draw Tabby Cats!Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

I’m Paris: the sweetest and most playful girl kitten

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Grumpy Cat going to bed

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Grumpy cat takes a nap on top of my niece.Check out our website: www.grumpycats.comNew Tshirts at:

?????????????-Maru cannot readily go into the box.-

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??????????????????Because Maru is on the cover. However, he believes that he can go into it by all means.

?????-Defending Maru.-

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????????????????????This is a toy which Maru loves too much. ?

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