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As a giant clock counted down, thousands gathered to see Grumpy Cat make a special appearance at The Friskies House

Playing Maru 16

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????????????Maru loves this play.

???????-Box and Maru&Hana.-

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?????????????????????????Maru gets into the box and watches. However, he cannot move.


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???????????Various videos of Maru&Hana.

Crazy Time – Simon’s Cat

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"A frenzied feline has a moment of madness!"Want to see more of our films? Check out our play


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???????????????This is the commemorative video of Hana's 1st birthday.

Shreddy Cat Fight

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??????-Stairs and Maru&Hana.-

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?????????????????????Maru&Hana go up and down the stairs.

The Best Cat Vine Compilation (25 MINUTES)

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Keyboard Cat – 96 Tears

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Three Kittens in a Row

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Hot Water – Simon’s Cat

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Bistro: The Smartest Cat Feeder. Ever.

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Kitten meets hedgehog

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Nyan Cat [original]

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Nyan Cat is the name of a YouTube video, uploaded in April 2011, which became an Internet meme. The video merged a Japanese pop song with an animated cartoon cat with the body of a Pop-Tart, flying through space, and ...

Mom Cat talking to her Kittens. 20 min BONUS video

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I’m Paris: the sweetest and most playful girl kitten

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Assassin’s Kittens Unity

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Funny Cats Compilation Ever – Part 1

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What it’s like to Work with Cats!

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Cute Cat plays on iPad

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10 Things Cat Owners Have Probably Done

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Are you owned by a cat? … Then you've probably done at least one thing on this list! Let us know if there's others we've missed :)

Scaredy Cat – Simon’s Cat

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A frightening feline turns his owner into a scaredy cat!' Don't forget to share this with your friends if you think Simon's Cat is just like your own cat!

Life Hacks for Cats

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Are you a cat who wants to make your life even easier? Then follow these life hacks to sleep better, maintain a clean litterbox, and get away with pretty much anything. Brought to you by Shorty, Kodi and Raul. Face...

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