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Icecapade – Simon’s Cat

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"A festive feline's frosty fishing frolic."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! official

Nut Again – Simon’s Cat

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"An agile adversary gives Simon's Cat the run around."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

Catnip – Simon Paints

209 Views0 Comments

In this video Simon Tofield demonstrates, from start to finish, how he colours one of the pages from his book

Fetch – Simon’s Cat

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"A playful dog interrupts a cat's down-time."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

Springtime – Simon’s Cat

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"A hungry cat scales new heights in search of supper."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

Thank You

185 Views0 Comments

Today Simon's Cat reached 1million subscribers on YouTube! When Simon's Cat first appeared on YouTube around four years

Ready, Steady, Slow! – Simon’s Cat

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"A hungry hindrance crosses the line."This film was created to celebrate the giant sporting event that has come

Window Pain – Simon’s Cat

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"A playful cat helps things get squeaky clean."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

Tongue Tied – Simon’s Cat

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"An inquisitive cat explores the garden."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! official

Shelf Life – Simon’s Cat

623 Views0 Comments

"A carefree cat has a smashing time."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

Fowl Play – Simon’s Cat

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"A crafty cat plans a Christmas caper."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

Catnap – Simon’s Cat

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"A sleepy kitten wants a cuddle"Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! official

Double Trouble – Simon’s Cat

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"A new arrival causes chaos."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! official Simon's Cat

Cat & Mouse – Simon’s Cat

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"A persistent cat helps Simon finish his work."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

Hidden Treasure – Simon’s Cat

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"A playful cat discovers hidden wonders."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! official

Hop It – Simon’s Cat

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"A playful cat meets his match."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! official

Sticky Tape – Simon’s Cat

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"A curious cat gets into a sticky predicament."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

Santa Claws – Simon’s Cat

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"A curious cat discovers Christmas."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! official Simon's

Beyond the Fence – Simon’s Cat UK TV Advert

202 Views0 Comments

This TV advert was created to coincide with the launch of Simon's Cat: Beyond the Fence. The second Simon's Cat

Lunch Break – Simon’s Cat

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"A naughty cat causes mealtime mayhem."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! official

Cat Chat – Simon’s Cat

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"A curious cat cat gets into a prickly situation."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

The Box – Simon’s Cat

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"A curious cat investigates an empty cardboard box."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

Snow Business – Simon’s Cat

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"A curious cat discovers snow for the first time."Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

Hot Spot – Simon’s Cat

190 Views0 Comments

"A demanding cat goes to great lengths in order to warm up and become the centre of attention."

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