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Shell game gambling and winning Cat

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This is our cat Frida Kahlo from Berlin. She's a gambler and she's good at the shell game. 2 of 3.

Herman The Scaredy Cat Can’t Believe His Eyes

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THIS kitten looks like the ultimate scaredy cat as he gives new meaning to the term ‘wide eyed’.  Herman, an exotic shorthair, was born with exceptionally big eyes - giving him a permanently startled expression. The f...

Pregnant Cat Rescued!

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A stray pregnant cat was rescued in the nick of time, just one day before she had five tiny kittens! At the pound, the kittens would have susceptible to infectious diseases, which likely would have done them in, so we...

Shake Cats

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Cats! We’ve been worshipping them for thousands of years, so is our current world wide obsession with any any surprise? Bask in their Derp-tastic expressions while they roar (actually just a meow) Shake (from an ear c...

Lil BUB’s Very MOST Magical Yule Log Video

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It's that time of year again... BUB's annual Magical Yule Log Video has become a worldwide holiday tradition, and this third annual Magical Yule Log Video is the MOST MAGICAL ONE YET. Pop it on your big screen, cuddle...

Cat videobombing

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Original title: Arrogant Cat

Life Hacks for Cats

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Are you a cat who wants to make your life even easier? Then follow these life hacks to sleep better, maintain a clean litterbox, and get away with pretty much anything. Brought to you by Shorty, Kodi and Raul. Face...

Scaredy Cat – Simon’s Cat

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A frightening feline turns his owner into a scaredy cat!' Don't forget to share this with your friends if you think Simon's Cat is just like your own cat!

10 Things Cat Owners Have Probably Done

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Are you owned by a cat? … Then you've probably done at least one thing on this list! Let us know if there's others we've missed :)

Cute Cat plays on iPad

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What it’s like to Work with Cats!

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Funny Cats Compilation Ever – Part 1

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Assassin’s Kittens Unity

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I’m Paris: the sweetest and most playful girl kitten

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Mom Cat talking to her Kittens. 20 min BONUS video

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Nyan Cat [original]

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Nyan Cat is the name of a YouTube video, uploaded in April 2011, which became an Internet meme. The video merged a Japanese pop song with an animated cartoon cat with the body of a Pop-Tart, flying through space, and ...

Kitten meets hedgehog

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Bistro: The Smartest Cat Feeder. Ever.

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Hot Water – Simon’s Cat

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Three Kittens in a Row

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Keyboard Cat – 96 Tears

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The Best Cat Vine Compilation (25 MINUTES)

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??????-Stairs and Maru&Hana.-

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?????????????????????Maru&Hana go up and down the stairs.

Shreddy Cat Fight

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